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June 6, 2016

The Importance of Recording Customer Calls for Audit Purposes

Posted by Tom Strong

Any company that is serious about providing the very best phone based customer service possible will always record their calls. Recording your customer service calls gives you the ability to analyze and precisely break down how your customer service...

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Topics: Customer Support

May 30, 2016

Conference Call Etiquette Applies to Everyone (including you)

Posted by Tom Strong

There are few people who like conference calls. Our post Take Control of Conference Calls goes over the guidelines that moderators can follow to facilitate productive call-in meetings. This post will look at the guidelines and appropriate etiquette...

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Topics: Unified Communications

May 23, 2016

Take Control of Conference Calls

Posted by Tom Strong

Talk to most business people and they’ll have a few "conference calls from hell" stories. Unfortunately, conference calls can be miserable but are completely necessary. And in today’s business culture, with people scattered across the United States...

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