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July 11, 2016

Prevent Abandoned Calls and Lost Revenue

Posted by Tom Strong

Abandoned calls are missed opportunities. Every caller who hangs up while waiting on hold is a potential loyal customer who may be easily tempted to choose a competitor.

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Topics: Customer Support

July 4, 2016

Lower Costs and Gain Flexibility with SIP Trunking

Posted by Tom Strong

As the world goes IP, organizations are turning to SIP trunks as a way to connect their phone systems to the outside world. SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, offers organizations a way to reduce costs while gaining both flexibility and new...

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Topics: Unified Communications

June 27, 2016

Do You Need a Professional to Install VoIP Phone System?

Posted by Tom Strong

Why should you have your business’s Voice over IP system professionally installed? A professional provides quality and security in adopting any new technology. With installing VoIP, your business will have questions and you will need answers.

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