October 31, 2017

Get More Value from VoIP with System Integrations

You know that VoIP can save money on calls and provide lots of features. But did you know that you aren’t limited to the features that come with the service? Third-party integrations can expand the power of your business phone system, reduce...

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Topics: Improving Customer Service, VoIP, VoIP Integration

October 24, 2017

VoIP Strategies Newsletter - October Edition

Posted by Tom Strong

Our team is always sharing valuable VoIP and Business Strategies information with you that can help in the discovery process when looking for a new phone system. 

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Topics: Improving Customer Service, VoIP, VoIP Integration, Unified Communication Strategies

September 12, 2017

Why Using Modern Platform Tools to Create Custom Integrations is Often Superior for Your Business Than Purchasing "Out of the Box" Apps

Posted by Rick Jones
While buying a one size fits all app "out of the box" might seem like the right thing to do for your business operations, it’s often far wiser to instead go with tools that can be customized specifically for your use. Here are a few reasons why...
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Topics: VoIP Integration, Customer Support, Business Apps

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