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June 6, 2016

The Importance of Recording Customer Calls for Audit Purposes

Posted by Tom Strong

Any company that is serious about providing the very best phone based customer service possible will always record their calls. Recording your customer service calls gives you the ability to analyze and precisely break down how your customer service staff is being received by the client and whether or not your staff member is performing at their best.

Recording your customer service calls through an automatic call recorder is also very important in cases where there is a conflict over the phone between a staff member and a client. When this call is forwarded to an oversight group that is tasked with listening to the call, they will be able to accurately determine how the conflict started and whether or not the staff member or client was at fault. If the staff member was rude or short with the client then you will have the recorded conversation available to determine whether a disciplinary action is required.

Another great benefit to recording customer calls is during cases where fraudulent activity is conducted over the phone. In cases that involve credit card fraud, order fraud, bribery, warranty fraud and other common problems that businesses regularly face, it is very important to have this conversation recorded to present to local law enforcement authorities.

When it comes to the setup of an automatic call recorder, generally VoIP phone systems are used. For those of you unfamiliar with VoIP it’s an acronym for voice over internet protocol. It is basically a system where all voice communications are transferred over an IP address, allowing companies to easily move these conversations from one department to another. When customer call oversight groups are in place, they can receive customer calls easily to analyze for quality control purposes. They also have the ability of easily forwarding calls to other departments for further evaluation should they need to.

If your company isn’t recording customer calls then you should be. Doing so is a very fundamental aspect of providing the best phone based customer service possible.


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