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May 10, 2017

What Should Customers Hear When They Call You?

Posted by Tom Strong
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is no walk in the park, because despite your best efforts, you might sometimes be turning away customers without even knowing. To maintain an efficient customer service team, you must ensure that the needs of callers are put first.

Dropped calls, calls on hold, rude behavior, and lack of willingness to help are some of the things everyone fears facing when calling customer service. Of course, you don’t want your business to make those fears a reality for your customers.

The good thing is that it doesn’t take much to avoid the biggest customer service pitfalls in your call center. With the rapid advancement of technology, customer service has become so much simpler. This guide will tell you about the things you need to know to get a better operating customer service system.


There’s no doubt that a human will accomplish more than a robot when it comes to solving problems. However, companies rely on the automated responses to weed out customers facing common problems and to buy themselves some time when the phones are ringing off the hook.

Even though it might cost a lot for an organization to manage a team that handles calls instantly, the process itself can solve a lot of issues faster.


Yes, it is quite unlikely that companies will invest resources in building up a customer relationship team to handle every call in real time. As a saving grace, you need to have an automated response system in place so that your customers can be politely held in a queue before they get through to a representative.

In recent times, VoIP integration has made it very easy to implement advanced call functionalities that serve both the agent and caller. An automated response system can do much more than play hold music – the right system can use customer hold time to upsell relevant products to customers, and to reassure the caller that they have not been disconnected.


Without call recording software, you are missing out on valuable data that can assist your customer service team in the future. Without a system that records and stores data, every conversation becomes lost to the ages.

Your team will waste more time, trying to recollect information again and again when they could have been solving problems for the customer instead. When a supervisor can quickly review calls via automatic recording, you will see your customer service efficacy increase almost immediately. This is another part of VoIP reliability that hardly gets the attention it deserves.


Finally, prepare your customer service team to be more responsive and efficient in managing calls. Automation can only take you so far because it’s the humans that solve the complex problems. Having an expert team handling the calls alongside the latest technology will give you the most ROI.

Training the team to be expert problem solvers is mandatory, even though the processes mentioned above are not.

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