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May 16, 2016

Why Record Customer Service Calls?

Posted by Tom Strong

Recording customer service calls has become a widely accepted and important practice for most companies. For the companies and the consumer there is no better protection against inconsistencies in training, employees abiding to company policies, and most importantly helping avoid any type of verbal abuse from consumer to employee or employee to consumer.

From a company’s stand point, it is important to have recorded customer service calls to be able to do quality checks on employees and better train existing and new employees. With training, there is nothing better than using actual recorded situations opposed to those that are scripted. The recorded situations can give good and bad examples of how to handle the consumer when they are upset, having technical difficulties, or dealing with situations where a superior is needed to resolve a situation.

When it comes to quality assurance, an automatic call recorder can play a vital role showing whether the employee followed the correct procedures, asked the correct questions, and was friendly giving the company the helpful look it strives for. Most companies that supply recording software often make it very simple to look at each call and person or extension individually allowing them to easily and effectively pin point a problem area or an area of exceeded expectation.

Another reason companies use an automatic call recorder for their customer service calls is to be able to hold their employees accountable. The reasoning behind this is not to search for reasons to get the employees in trouble, but it is very important that each customer is taken care of so they can continue to have a good experience with your company.

An employee that knows their service call is being recorded and monitored is going to do a better job following up with a situation and making sure it is resolved more times than if they weren’t being recorded, all because they can be held accountable for their actions.

As a company looking for recording software it is very important to know exactly what you will be using the recordings for and what type of functions you expect from the software.  This will allow you to get everything you need, no more no less. VOIP technology can offer a business versatility and functionality when adapting other kinds of devices to the VoIP system.


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