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August 18, 2017

Have You Outgrown Your Current Phone System?

Posted by Tom Strong
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How well is your phone system really working for your business? We know, it's not really something you're used to thinking about. After all, every business needs a phone system and they all work about the same way. But really take a moment and consider how well your phone system contributes to the quality of your customer service and ease of your business operations. If you are constantly working around your phone system instead of being helped by it, you're probably not getting, or giving, the best service available.

Is Your Phone System Working for You or Against You?

As a business, you need every aspect of your infrastructure to enhance your efficiency, make your customers happy, or otherwise help you accelerate toward your next expansion. Traditional business phone plans offered by one of the big telecom companies are no longer the cutting edge for business phones and really, how well is your phone system keeping up with other technologies like your CRM or other business software? If it doesn't automatically create call transcripts, interface with email, and maintain the same number across multiple devices, then your business should be looking to upgrade to an IP phone plan. (Maybe system instead of plan)

Customer Service

How hard is it for your customers to engage with your phone system when reaching out for service? Are they receiving an effortless experience? Do your agents have the caller's information at their fingertips when they are connected, or do your agents need to ask for the same information the caller just entered in the IVR? With an IP phone solution, often known as VoIP (voice over IP), you can directly integrate your calls to your CRM, allowing the callers information to automatically populate the agents screen, creating a better experience for your customer and the agent. Likewise, the agent can dial a customer automatically with the touch of a button. All notes and processes, including a hotlink to a recording of the call, are logged and filed in your CRM for future reference.

Optimizing Voicemail with Email

No one wants to miss a business call, but it's an inevitable fact of life that some calls come in before or after business hours, when you are on the phone or out to lunch. Did you know with the right IP phone system you receive your voicemails as an attachment to an email? You can listen to the voicemail at that point or just read the full transcription of the contents. Wouldn't it be great to get your phone messages that easy?

The Same Number from Anywhere

How many phones and numbers are you managing today? With the right VoIP phone system, you can be reached on most all your devices with a single software-based number. This means that you can not only reach your managers and employees from any business location, it also makes your remote team members accessible both at their desks and out in the field with the same universal number.

Knowing what you do now, consider the original question. Have you outgrown your current phone system? Working around your phones, taking notes by hand and constantly calling your own voicemail are hassles you don't need or probably want. Why not switch to a solution that works for your business instead of against it? IP phone systems are designed with modern businesses in mind; from the way, your customers engage with your service team, to the ease of availability and visibility of your remote team members. If you want convenience, application integration, and access from anywhere, you should consider replacing your current phone system with a more flexible and adaptable voice over IP phone system. 

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