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February 14, 2019

Is 2019 the Year of Expanding Cloud Communications?

Posted by Tom Strong
Cloud Communications
It is hard to imagine that the disruptive "as a service" buzz started over a decade ago. Continually improving and multiplying cloud-based services continue supplanting the hardwired business infrastructures. Unified Communications as a Service is no exception. The UCaaS market continues its rapid growth pace as it slowly edges out on-premise UC systems across broad swaths of the business landscape.

Fluidity and the Freedom to Move

Although the desk phone is not extinct, in specific industries and applications it is starting to show signs of becoming a dinosaur. Two early adopters of UC cloud systems are retail companies and small businesses with virtual offices.

  • Retail: Customer experience drives the success rates of both brick-and-mortar and online shopping outlets. UCaaS frees retail employees from desk phone tethers so they can stay close to customers on the sales floor. Always-on access to customer history and product inventory empowers salespeople to provide an effortless feel to the sales process, something customers say they crave. The scalability of cloud services also allows shop owners easy options to add workers during busy times and subtract their accounts when things slow down.
  • Virtual Offices: Keeping workers happy and productive when they are scattered geographically presents a challenge, but a cloud-based communication system offers integration tools for managing and engaging your virtual crew. Video conferencing and team collaboration capabilities help to keep mobile workers sharing the same vision for the company. Features such as presence technology support holding them accountable.

Working Better

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