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August 29, 2018

Should I Move My Communications to the Cloud? [10 Things to Consider]

Posted by BCS Team
Everyone is talking about the “cloud.” Cloud based services is a growing industry and cloud communications is catching on too! Smart businesses are asking what’s driving the rush to the cloud—and they’re getting solid answers. Here are 10 real-world reasons.

  1. Cost – Moving to the cloud means cost savings; you pay only for what you use. Cloud solutions do not have the installation and maintenance costs of a traditional phone system.
  2. Management – Eliminates the IT workload and some costs of internal infrastructure, including servers and storage systems.
  3. Scalability – Flexible and scalable for your business needs, whether you are moving or expanding your business. Also, new features can be accessed without any additional hardware requirements.
  4. Vendor Management – Free up your IT department to focus on other high-priority issues. Cloud communication systems are managed off-site by your vendor.
  5. Technology – Upgrades are deployed through automatic software updates and will be taken care of by your vendor.
  6. Quality of Service – Maximize uptime and downtime coverage through multiple, remotely hosted data centers. This helps you avoid costly interruptions and downtime.
  7. Affordable Redundancy – Leverage shared resources available in the cloud environment. You have access to a level of redundancy that is costly to procure with an on-site solution.
  8. Disaster Recovery – A combination of reliability, resiliency and redundancy which enables you to get up and running quickly after a disaster.
  9. Cloud-based Applications – Access customized applications in the cloud to help boost productivity and revenue streams.
  10. Future-Proofing – Make the most of cloud-based application and cloud-based communication system integrations. Applications are trending towards cloud based systems so prepare now with a cloud based communication system.
Is cloud-based communication right for you? Maybe so, maybe not. Schedule a meeting with our team of experts to begin the discussion. Also, we welcome you to sign up for our upcoming Breakfast N Learn at the Pro Football Hall of Fame where our team of experts will review, demo and answer your questions about VoIP options!

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