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October 31, 2017

Get More Value from VoIP with System Integrations

Posted by BCS Team
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You know that VoIP can save money on calls and provide lots of features. But did you know that you aren’t limited to the features that come with the service? Third-party integrations can expand the power of your business phone system, reduce wasted time, and increase productivity. You can expand your phone system into a true Unified Communication system.

The combination of VoIP with cloud services unlocks many possibilities. Cloud-based resources can make information available to employees taking calls and track calling histories. This information is always available to them, whether they're handling calls on the premises or traveling to remote sites.

Adding phone functionality

Is your VoIP package missing functions that you need? Added integrations may offer more features. Sometimes they provide better enhancements of the original vendor's features.

Auto-attendants, also known as virtual receptionists, are a great way to direct calls more efficiently. Each vendor provides slightly different services, and you want one that will help rather than annoy your callers. Choosing one that meets your business's needs will mean fewer abandoned calls and better service.

"Follow me" services make it easy for traveling employees to stay connected. They may want their calls to ring at multiple devices to make sure they're always reachable. They may want to have different numbers ring on a schedule. If they're in an important meeting, they may not want to be disturbed at all. These options make people more accessible while protecting them from unwanted interruptions.

People also need to catch up on calls that happened while they were out of reach. Visual voice mail can show them what calls came in recently, displaying caller data as well as the number, and show what voice mail is waiting. It's even possible to have those voice messages transcribed into text and then emailed to their inbox.  This is particularly helpful when employees can't take a phone call but can discreetly view their mail for urgency.

Facilitating customer relations

Good customer communication is vital to any business. Having all the customer’s information at hand when making or getting a call creates a more satisfying experience for both the caller and the person calling.  CRM integrations puts the history of recent calls and open orders right at hand. Customers love it when they don't have to wait for an employee to look up information. Teams work better when the customer gets consistent answers regardless of who takes the call.

The benefits continue even when the customer isn't on the phone. If an issue is unresolved and no one has spoken with the customer for a while, it could be time to make a call to find out whether the problem has been fixed. An integrated system can provide automatic reminders when open issues run too long without communication.


A voice notification system can call people automatically when it's necessary. If an alarm goes off, it can initiate a call to security personnel. If severe weather or an emergency forces a closing, an automated calling system can notify everyone. Custom lists can be set up for each type of notification.

Integration with a scheduling system can remind customers or patients of their appointments and give them an option to confirm or reschedule. Cancellations will immediately update the schedule, so people waiting for an opening can fit in. Those who don't want to get such calls can opt out.

Not all VoIP systems are equally open to integrations. For the most flexible choices, you should look for a service that uses a published API’s that allow it to work well with third-party software. And don’t be afraid of custom add-ons that are unique to your business.  The right integrator can design solutions that give you a competitive advantage and at a pretty reasonable cost.

Whether you’re considering VoIP for the first time or expanding an existing system, Business Communication Specialists can help you bring in the features that will do the most for your business.



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