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September 12, 2017

Custom Phone Integrations vs. Out of the Box Apps

Posted by BCS Team
While buying a one size fits all app "out of the box" might seem like the right thing to do for your business operations, it’s often far wiser to instead go with tools that can be customized specifically for your use. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.

Unique Business Model

All businesses are not the same. Chances are your company has a unique operating model with specific nuances that only exist in your business. While many "out of the box" solutions can be customized to improve workflow, too many times companies are forced to change their business processes to make these new apps work effectively. Even if the box solution you choose works well enough, it’s often less than ideal and may even require you to purchase additional software to meet yours, or your clients, specific needs. Once these solutions are in place, then comes the complexity and frustration of managing multiple apps and the data points involved in order to get the results you want.

This is where modern platform tools can provide the integrations bridge you need to simplify processes and give you that “single pane of glass” you need to get results without the expense of purchasing more software.

Avoid Falling Behind and Get That Compatibility You Need

Another important point to consider is the risk of having your systems, such as your phone system, fall behind because it won't integrate with newer business apps. Modern phone systems have tools that make business app integrations much easier to do. However, many companies are still operating with older phone systems that don’t natively integrate with these apps. This is especially true in the area of customer service apps.

Working with a company that uses modern platform tools to create function-specific integrations allow you to leverage and extend the technology you have today while competing effectively.

Other Benefits of Using Modern Platform Tools to Create Custom Integrations

As your business continues to grow, the way you serve your clients may change. The need to add new apps to meet this growth ongoing. Using modern platform tools to quickly and cost effectively integrate these new apps with your current systems is essential to running smoothly. Furthermore, the cost of using modern platform tools to augment your current process is often significantly less than trying to find the right “out of the box” app to meet your needs.

Finally, using modern platform tools, in many cases, extend your existing apps, giving your company the flexibility and agility it needs quickly to meet customer expectations and to compete more effectively.

The benefits of integrating systems, such as your phone system, with the apps you use every day to serve both your internal and external customers, can significantly improve operations and lead to increased productivity. Is your phone system a modern VoIP solution that can take advantage of these integrations? If not, maybe it is time to review your operations and to see what apps you can leverage and extend to operate your business more efficiently.

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