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September 12, 2017

Custom Phone Integrations vs. Out of the Box Apps

Posted by BCS Team
While buying a one size fits all app "out of the box" might seem like the right thing to do for your business operations, it’s often far wiser to instead go with tools that can be customized specifically for your use. Here are a few reasons why this...
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Topics: VoIP, Customer Support

May 16, 2017

3 Hot Buttons For Hosted UC

Posted by BCS Team

Noted industry analyst Jon Arnold provides an update on 3 hot button UC trends that decision makers need to consider with the cloud. To complement this industry-based perspective, you will learn about how these trends are evolving and where the...

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Topics: Unified Communications, Cloud Telephony

March 15, 2017

Expert User Tips for VOIP CRM Integration

Posted by BCS Team
If your employees never talked to each other, you would probably have a hard time getting anything done. In fact, communication issues can lead to all sorts of bad outcomes, including higher turnover rates, dissatisfied customers, and even a higher...
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Topics: VoIP, CRM

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