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October 14, 2016

5 Ways VoIP Can Increase Sales

Posted by Tom Strong
Imagine you were cleaning your office one day and found a hidden button labeled “Increase Sales” underneath your desk. You wouldn’t be able to push it fast enough. More sales mean more revenue, more growth, and more sustainable future for you and your employees.

You might have that button, but it’s not hidden underneath your desk, it’s sitting right on top of it. Your phone system can help you increase sales if you know how to use it. Keep reading to learn five ways you can take advantage of your VoIP system to generate more sales for your organization.

Improved Customer Service

Good customer service is essential to your business. Did you know that one study found 78% of customers have abandoned a transaction because of a bad customer service experience? There are a lot of factors that could make a customer service experience go awry, but your phone could easily be one of them. A reliable VoIP system means that not only do customers get to the right representative faster through automated call routing but also that your reps can take calls even when they are on the road or out of the office. The bottom line here is that better customer service means more customers.

Upsell on Hold

Great customer service not only helps you close new sales but also maintain current customers, who are more valuable than you may even know. For instance, you are around 50% more likely to make a sale to a current customer than to close with a new prospect. To improve these numbers even further, a VoIP integration with selling on hold can help. Because your VoIP system can easily gather information about the customer on the phone, it can then use messaging you set up to inform that customer about new products or services that are specifically targeted to them. Upselling on hold is not only effective for your customers but saves time for your sales reps as well.

Increase Productivity

No one takes pleasure in being the supervisor that tracks productivity and has to harangue sales reps and other employees who are not hitting their numbers. Your VoIP system can help increase the productivity of your entire team without anyone having to crack the proverbial whip. The capabilities of a VoIP system let users take calls, lead video conferences with dispersed teams, share documents, and otherwise multi-task without leaving their VoIP interface.

Give Employees Flexibility

Studies have shown that employees who are given more flexibility -- in terms of hours as well as physical location -- are overall more engaged with their work. A VoIP cloud system lets your employees use their smartphone just as they would their desk phone, giving your team greater flexibility and untethering them from a single location. More engaged employees means better performance, which leads to more sales.

CRM Integration

Your CRM is likely essential to the function of your sales team, which means they probably spend a lot of time switching back and forth between it and other applications. But did you know that VoIP integration solution exists that will let your team use your CRM and their phones at the same time? With this type of integration, sales reps will have immediate access to customer information and quickly be able to track conversations and other essential customer details. This type of VoIP integration leads to more sales through time saved and an improved customer experience.

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