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December 21, 2016

Finding Competitive Advantage Where You Least Expect It: Your Phone

Posted by BCS Team
In any competitive market, you want to be able to have every advantage over the other companies in your niche. But the last time you looked for ways to shrink your costs or boost your revenue, did you look at your phone system?

Here are just a few ways that a switch to VoIP can give your company a competitive advantage.

Cost Savings

If you are still relying on a traditional phone system, chances are you are paying too much. VoIP allows you to cut down on phone costs, particularly for international calling. In addition, if you are currently paying mobile phone bills for your employees, you can eliminate those costs by adding a BYOD policy and a portable VoIP system. With BYOD, workers can use their own smartphone to connect securely to the office system, and thereby eliminate an extra bill while also improving employee satisfaction. Lowering your costs gives you a chance to be more competitive with companies that perhaps are bigger than yours and can take advantage of the economy of scale. 

Remote Possibilities

A VoIP system that offers your workers the ability to connect to the office phone system even when you are not in the office makes remote work easier than ever. Recent studies show that remote workers are more engaged and more productive than workers who are forced to come into the office every day. By giving your team the option to work from another location when necessary, a VoIP system can boost employee happiness and productivity. Further, VoIP mobility options are extremely useful for teams who find themselves working on the road frequently and still need to be able to take calls from customers or clients. While you get more productive employees, you also get an edge over your competitors who are tied to their desk phones and may suffer from employee turnover due to low satisfaction ratings. 

Reliable Connections

Some office balk at making the change to VoIP because they do not think it is as reliable as traditional phone systems. However, the truth is that VoIP reliability is such that systems can have more than 99% uptime, due to backup power sources, cloud-based software, and failsafe systems. If your phone system goes down, you start losing money almost immediately -- not only in potential sales that could come in but also in customer trust. VoIP is a reliable way for your office to communicate, even if other phone systems go down. Imagine what an advantage you will have over your local competition if their phones all go down at the same time and you are able to conduct business as usual. 

Improved Productivity

The possibility for VoIP integration means that your phone system can work seamlessly with your other systems. Instant messaging, CRM integration and a range of custom options mean that VoIP can improve employee productivity, which ultimately improves your bottom line. For instance, when a member of your sales team can save 5 minutes on every call by having CRM data automatically populate for each phone call, that can add up over the course of a month or a year. Traditional phone systems simply do not offer the same level of customizability as the right VoIP system will, and that adds up to savings for you.

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