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December 13, 2016

More Questions to Ask Your VoIP Provider

Posted by Tom Strong
Choosing a VoIP provider is a big decision. We have already covered some of the most important questions that you should ask before engaging a VoIP provider, but the truth is that there is a virtually endless number of relevant questions. Following are six more questions that could help you decide which VoIP provider is right for your organization.

Do I have to use certain hardware?

Many VoIP providers offer their own phones as part of their service, but if you can only use their hardware you may end up paying more over the life of the system. Be sure to find out how much flexibility you have, and whether BYOD is an option.

What features are add-ons?

Every VoIP provider structures their services differently. Before signing a contract, you should know what specific features the provider includes and which they add on to the total cost. For instance, some providers have an extra VoIP cost for adding a toll-free number, or for calling certain geographic locations. Get the specifics of these additional costs clear and in writing before choosing any VoIP provider.

What security measures are put in place with the new system?

A VoIP system presents unique security concerns. Although the right VoIP system can be extremely secure, it is imperative that your VoIP provider have a plan in place to prevent fraud or other data breaches. Find out who is liable for any fraudulent activity, as well as the provider’s history with VoIP security. Have they had any breaches in the past? And if so, how did they deal with those issues?

For hosted VoIP, what physical security measures are offered?

A hosted VoIP system has its servers housed away from your facility and therefore away from any physical security measures that you may have in place. Ask your new provider what security measures are in place at the server location, as well as what fail-safes can be enacted should there be a physical security breach.

What is specifics of the support offered?

Your phone system is critical to your business which means when there are any problems with it; you will want to be able to access technical support. Many providers have support centers located overseas, which can keep costs down but may not be what you want from a provider. Whatever your preferences are, be sure to find out the details of support, such as how fast you can expect a response and whether sending a technician to your site is included, before choosing a provider.

Are your systems compatible with company software?

Most companies have at least one piece of software that is critical to their business operations. While you may consider your phone system to be a separate entity from your other internal software, that does not have to be the case. Find out if the provider can offer VoIP integration that makes your software work in conjunction with your new phone system, thereby streamlining your internal processes.

Every business and organization is different, which means that no single provider is perfect for everyone. However, when you ask the right questions, you will be able to find the provider that can solve your unique challenges in the way that you want.

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