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April 28, 2016

VoIP Video Conferencing Strengthens Customer Relationships

Posted by Tom Strong

More and more businesses are switching to a VoIP system. It is growing in popularity because it offers the benefits that more businesses are requiring. Some of the benefits include – cost, specialized features, speed, simplicity, greater clarity and innovative products. Also, a VoIP system can provide a more personal feel, than a landline, through web conferencing.

Web conferencing allows multiple people to be on a call or participate in video conferencing. In many companies video conferencing is starting to become a standard requirement for their communication needs. It is an effective and cost efficient way to establish and maintain customer relationships. They are often using it in place of employees traveling to the client.

During the Great Recession most companies drastically reduced, or cut out all together, their travel budget. The problem immediately became how to sustain effective communication, provide good customer service and maintain and establish client relationships that face to face interaction facilitates. This is a fundamental concern because 65% – 75% of communication is nonverbal.

Nonverbal communication conveys messages through facial expressions, gestures and body language. The 3 main types of nonverbal communication include eye contact, posture or body language and voice speed/volume. Some have noticed that voice speed decreases and volume lowers during video conferencing, which makes it a more effective way of communicating than talking rapidly and loudly into a landline or cell.

Nonverbal communication is essential to establishing and maintaining long term business relationships. VoIP video conferencing allows users to look at one another during a call. The ability to see each other can greatly enhance the employee and customer relationship, which strengths the client’s relationship with the company.

The focus of a business VoIP provider is to supply the company with the tools they need to establish, maintain and grow relationships. The relationships they need to be successful. VoIP allows employees to communicate with their clients in a quick and efficient manner, which is always good business.


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