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June 13, 2016

VOIP Problems and When to Upgrade

Posted by Tom Strong

No matter how well you maintain it, there will come a time when you need to upgrade your VoIP phone system. While there are always improvements in VoIP technology and hardware that will make your system more reliable and have more advanced features, you do not need to upgrade your system every time there is a change (particularly if you are using cloud-based technology).  Still, systems do become outdated. But before you decide to make a major upgrade, make sure the problems you are experiencing are not easier to fix than to replace.

There are two problems that people seem to be affected by when using hosted VoIP or cloud-based systems, one of which is the user’s headset becoming dysfunctional, as most do at some time or another.

It may not only be an issue for you (when it comes to not being able to hear those you are talking to, or your voice not being transmitted properly) but also for those whom you are speaking with. Sometimes a bad headset can yield really harsh feedback, annoying the people you are talking with.

If this is constantly happening to you, it’s best to just upgrade your headset before it breaks altogether. Look for one that has good reviews, since getting something made to last will save you a lot of money in the long run. You’d be surprised how many headsets the average user can go through every year, all because they refuse to shell out for a decent one!

If you find that you are constantly facing interruptions when speaking over VOIP, such as lag between sending and receiving transmissions or constant disconnections / being unable to connect, you may need to investigate your internet connection. In the past, a common problem with those who decide that they are going to use VoIP is that their connection was just too slow to run it. Most business connections are much faster today and this is rarely a problem. However, if you are experiencing network issues -- such as a throttled connection or outage -- it can have an impact on your hosted VoIP or cloud-based phone system. 

Contact the company that you are currently getting your internet from and work to troubleshoot any issues, or consider switching your connection to one with faster download and upload speeds. This will solve a majority of your connection issues, making your VoIP run seamlessly.

If neither of these issues are what is affecting your VoIP phone system, then it is time to have a professional VOIP consultant take a look at your system and evaluate it for an upgrade.


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