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November 8, 2019

How To Choose a New Business Phone System

Posted by BCS Team

With technology changing so fast, it is probably time to upgrade the equipment your business uses. You may already have an idea of which computers you would like to get but what about the phones in your office? Just as much time and effort should go into choosing the right replacement business phone system to get the most benefits. Start with these pro tips from Business Communication Specialists to help you decide.

Review Your Current Telephony

ebook-callout-guide-to-finding-a-new-phone-systemA good place to start is by reviewing your present phone system to find out what you and the employees like and do not like about it. Getting feedback from external users, such as customers, can also be useful in figuring out features to look for, especially if your system is very old, or the company has outgrown its capacity.

Define Your Needs

Clearly defining what your business requires for successful communication is important to make sure you get a sufficient system. It is neither cost-effective to go with the most basic model just to save money nor wise to get the fanciest option with bells and whistles you will never use.

You also have to consider if the phone system you want fits into your budget. Remember to account for details such as the technical support it requires. For example, a VoIP system could be a better choice than a traditional one if you already have a solid data network. You may only have to upgrade specific features instead of the entire system.

However, do not let the price automatically rule out options. Slow integration of the new technology may be possible.

Consider Device Design

Just as important as the infrastructure is the tangible device itself. Look for something that is easy to use, feels comfortable, and fits with your company's tech expectations. If your employees are heavy users of mobile devices and/or travel often between locations, you may want a system that can connect all forms of communication.

These are only a few of many things to contemplate. For more detailed information on selecting a new business phone system, be sure to read our complete guide.

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