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October 18, 2019

Make Meetings Productive Again

Posted by BCS Team

There are a lot of misconceptions that people have formed about meetings. While there are undoubtedly some businesses that hold ineffective meeting sessions, getting together in departments or as heads of departments can still be very useful. In an effort to help businesses build better meetings, we have set out to debunk some common misconceptions and deliver information that will help make meetings productive again.

Myth #1: Millennials Hate Meetings

According to a recent online survey, baby boomers, Gen-Xers and millennials all feel pretty much the same way about meeting sessions. Age didn’t make a difference when it came to meeting productivity perceptions, attendance or multitasking.

To make meetings productive, you should treat all attendees equally, regardless of age. Realize that millennials don’t hate meetings any more than any other age group. Make attendees of all ages feel respected, welcomed and appreciated.

Myth #2: People Spend Too Much Time in Daily Meetings

It’s a widely held belief that people spend too much time in daily meetings. Online survey results, however, show a different story. Most people don’t attend meeting sessions every day. In fact, nearly half of all survey participants reported spending no more than four hours in meeting sessions every week. That’s less than one hour per day!

Since the total time spent in meetings each week is minimal for most people, make sure to make the most of it. Encourage productivity by coming to each meeting prepared with an outline. Minimize distractions whenever possible to facilitate focus.

Myth #3: More People Attend Meetings Remotely Now

While it’s true that there are more remote workers now, it may surprise you to discover that most of them do not attend meetings remotely. To make meetings more productive, managers and CEOs should consider allowing remote employees to take advantage of technology that would allow them to attend meeting sessions virtually. This can save money and time.

Improve Your Meeting Sessions

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