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December 2, 2019

Guide to More Effective Team Collaboration and Communications

Posted by BCS Team
Team Collaboration

There are plenty of buzzwords that you’ve probably heard if you’ve worked in business for long enough. You’ve probably been urged to lean in, warned about big data, and asked about integration. The latter of these — integration — might be the most nebulous of all. What exactly is integration, and why is it so important? The word means something different to everybody, but in a business context, it typically refers to the process of aligning a company’s tech resources with the business objectives. This is an important undertaking, and to succeed, you need the best business phone system available.

Achieving Business Phone System Integration

Investing in the right business phone system is ultimately about overcoming the obstacles that make collaboration difficult. When you achieve full integration and have the tech resources your team needs, you can collaborate efficiently, get more done, and succeed in new ways. Consider these steps to achieve your company’s goals:

  • Identify the challenges that hinder collaboration
  • Define the specific needs and capabilities your staff requires
  • Select the best operating model for these needs
  • Find the best vendor to provide the tech for the job
  • Manage the integration process and see the improvement

Each of these steps is an important part of the integration process. Effective integration doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right team on your side, it can be a painless and effective process.

Partnering With a Provider Who Understands

One of the most crucial components in any integration process is a company’s business phone system. Not all providers understand a business’s unique needs, though, and this can make the project more complicated than it needs to be. A dedicated business phone provider should know that integration is never a one-size-fits-all process but instead a customized selection of the best phone products and services.

To see how Business Communication Specialists can help, read the full guide on collaboration and integration.

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