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May 2, 2016

How Do VOIP Phone Systems Save Time and Money?

Posted by Tom Strong

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phone services are often described as saving both time and money for those using them in a residential or business environment. With the popularity of these telephone services growing each year, it is important for all potential users to understand the benefits of this style of telephone service before making an informed decision on their merits.

The main benefit of a VoIP service can be understood by learning a little more about how the system works. Traditional telephones transmit an analog signal across a telephone network; a VoIP service converts the system to digital and transmits it to the telephone number using the Internet to move the conversation to the other end of the line. By doing this, the VOIP service is providing phone service for its customers, minus an annual or monthly charge for maintaining the service. Where a traditional telephone service charges fees each month for line rental and maintenance charges, along with the charges for each minute calls are made, these charges are not created by a hosted VoIP provider.

The majority of businesses and residences now have some form of Internet access, and the majority of people rarely reach their limitations in bandwidth set by their Internet provider. This means that a VOIP telephone service, using only a small amount of Internet bandwidth can be active throughout the day and night and provide a constant telephone line without the need for extra data from a supplier.

One of the major benefits many businesses and individuals see in the use of a hosted VoIP service is the fact that the hardware or software needed for the service can be used anywhere in the world. For instance, many VoIP systems have mobile applications that can be utilized through smartphones. That means to make a VoIP call from anywhere in the world the user only needs to be connected to the internet and to open up the relevant app on his or her phone. Further, businesses operating call centers often use this type of VoIP access to allow call center workers to operate from home or while out of the office.


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