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November 21, 2016

Change is in the Air: Recent Innovations in VoIP

Posted by BCS Team

Just a few years ago, if you were considering making the switch to VoIP, it was because you were ready to get your business on the cutting edge of communications. Of course, today VoIP technology is no longer new so rather than making the switch, you’re probably considering changing to a new provider or upgrading your existing VoIP system.

It is true that VoIP itself is not the cutting edge choice that it once was. Instead, it’s a reliable business tool that can be a strategic contribution to your organization’s goals.

But during those years that passed between VoIP as the latest business technology and today, what happened? And more importantly, what’s on the horizon? Did VoIP technology simply stagnate or is it still growing and improving every year? Keep reading to find out.

VoIP Reliability Has Improved

Some of the biggest hurdles that VoIP had to overcome were reliability and call quality issues. Early VoIP systems were simply not that reliable, with callers frequently reporting ‘jitter’ on the line or trouble connecting in the first place. Because broadband connections are now so widespread, and service providers have perfected traffic prioritization, VoIP reliability and call quality are better than ever. Your organization can and should expect to have the same degree of uptime with a VoIP system as with a POTS line. If you aren’t getting this level of service, it’s time to consider a change in providers.

VoIP is in the Cloud

Installing a VoIP system in the old days meant putting an on-premise phone system in a back closet and tasking its maintenance to your IT department. While on-premise VoIP is still available, the use of cloud VoIP service is sky high. When your VoIP system is in the cloud, your VoIP provider is responsible for the maintenance and regular updates of the software and is also available for customer service. Cloud VoIP alleviates that extra stress on your IT department while also ensuring the uptime you require. In fact, VoIP cloud systems mean that your VoIP system and its integral parts can keep working even in the event of a disaster.

VoIP Integration is More Diverse Than Ever

One of the most important advancements in VoIP technology is integration capabilities. The right VoIP provider can now offer custom integrations so that your VoIP phone system works with everything from your CRM to your calendar applications. VoIP integration can now play a critical part of your communication strategy, helping your organization to work more efficiently across the board.

Rest assured, VoIP technology has not stagnated. In fact, as computer power and internet bandwidth continue to increase, so will the possibilities for VoIP systems. If you have not yet considered VoIP for your organization’s communication needs, now is the time. And if you already have a VoIP system in place, it may be time to upgrade to leverage the technology to its fullest.

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