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December 21, 2023

Why Service Matters More Than Brand Names When Choosing Business Communication System

Posted by BCS Team

Imagine owning a company that can't seem to coordinate its employees no matter what you do. Regardless of how hard you try, your teams are never on the same page.

You also have difficulty communicating with clients. Issues like these are why around 20% of small businesses in the US fail within the first year.

Running a company is never easy, but it can become exponentially more difficult without the right business communication system. When choosing a business communication service, their brand name is one of the last attributes you should consider.

Instead, you should focus on the level of service they provide. Let's explore the key information to consider during your search. 

Better Lead Conversion

One of the most notable benefits of focusing on service instead of brand names is better lead conversion. There are many instances where a popular brand will fall short of your goals and underdeliver on their promises. Lead conversion is an area you should always emphasize, as it directly impacts your total revenue.

A reputable professional will help you configure strategies that keep your users engaged and make offers they're interested in. You can also communicate more fluidly with customers.

This makes it easier to guide them through your sales funnel. Large brands sometimes utilize blanket strategies to meet their customers' needs.

They do so to accommodate the sheer number of customers they have. Working with smaller brands provides a more personalized approach.

Stronger Professional Relationships

Communicating is essential for building and maintaining professional relationships. For instance, imagine if your clients couldn't hear you clearly during calls or experience frequent disconnections. This could cause them to choose your competitors instead.

Having a stable communication system will eliminate these concerns. From here, you can focus on providing outstanding service and meeting your target demographic's needs.

This goes a long way toward improving your reputation, as well. Word-of-mouth advertising is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of. People are likely to tell others about their experiences.

This is true whether their experience was positive or negative, though. Always do your best to meet their needs so you can avoid complications.


The best business communication service is one that allows you to meet your goals without stretching your budget. It's no secret that large brands are typically more expensive than smaller companies. This is true regarding nearly every product and service.

For example, consider how much more expensive Nike is than an independent shoe brand. Not only are large brands more expensive, but they sometimes provide lower-quality services for the money you spend.

Emphasizing service when making your decision will ensure you get the most out of your budget. You can then invest the money you save into other areas of your business.

Improved Employee Productivity

The better your team can communicate, the more efficiently they'll work. Proper communication for businesses can reduce friction between team members and make it easier to reach target performance metrics.

This scenario will also make it more likely that employees will stay at your organization. For example, imagine if your company implemented inefficient processes.

Even though faster alternatives exist, you should make your employees aware of certain guidelines. This could lead to reduced employee morale and cause them to look for new opportunities. Losing key employees is often highly detrimental to an organization, so avoid this at all costs.

Ongoing Support

If you choose solely based on a brand name, you might not get the level of support you need. While large brands have more resources, they can sometimes be too vast to allocate time to each independent case.

This can lead to many problems, such as having to overcome issues on your own. In some situations, doing so can be difficult or even impossible.

This is especially true for small businesses. Having a reliable communication system also makes it easier for you to provide support to your customers. Doing so will help you strengthen your relationship with them.

Finding a Business Communication System

One of the best ways to get started is to create a phone system features checklist. This will help you find the best business phone specialists for your situation.

Thoroughly research their reputation before making your decision, as this will provide valuable insight into the experience you'll get. Ask about their pricing before moving forward. You get what you pay for when purchasing this type of software, so you should never buy from the cheapest provider.

However, this doesn't mean you should spend as much money as possible. Companies in the middle of the price range are generally your best bet.

How robust is the communication software's security? There's no shortage of hackers who attempt to procure business data. Even a single incident can be catastrophic and erode the trust your audience has in your brand.

Do they seem enthusiastic about helping you with your project? Some service providers won't care whether you meet your goals. It's imperative to find someone passionate about fulfilling your needs.

Otherwise, many complications can arise and you won't get the results you desire. Only work with providers who are highly communicative. You shouldn't have problems getting in touch with them, and they should quickly respond to questions and concerns.

Before you sign an agreement, ask when you can expect to hear from them and how they'll contact you. Don't be afraid to continue your search elsewhere if something seems off.

It's crucial to be comfortable with the service provider you choose. Don't make the mistake of settling for less when you could've kept looking.

Get Started ASAP

It's essential to take action as soon as possible to leverage the best business communication system. The tips in this guide can help you hit the ground running and take your company's performance to new heights.

The team at Business Communication Specialists aims to quickly meet our clients' needs without sacrificing quality. We tailor our approach to each individual, allowing you to seamlessly reach your goals. You can learn more about the benefits we provide when you book a consultation today.


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