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The resources below will help you to better understand how you can start to leverage your phone system for strategic business goals while maximizing productivity.


Watch the videos below to learn how VoIP communications, ShoreTel Sky, and other solutions can help maximize your business communications throughout your company and across the globe.

ShoreTel Flex

Powerful. Easy. Convenient.  Take your phone wherever you go with our convenient ShoreTel Flex client and mobile apps. ShoreTel Flex apps give you easy access to your account whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road.

The Connect Solution

You decide when, if, and how to migrate to the cloud. And, whatever you decide today is completely adjustable to what you may need tomorrow. The investments you make are protected.

Solutions for Education Organizations

ShoreTel is one of the leading providers of communications and emergency notifications systems to the education sector. Learn why we're a leader from Vertical Program manager Tulli Manross.

Peak Your Performance

If you think all your phone system can do is make calls, you’re wrong. Learn how ShoreTel features can improve your company’s efficiency and help you meet strategic goals.

Quick Tour: ShoreTel Connect Onsite

A cloud phone system is not the right choice for everyone. Watch this video to learn more about on premise VoIP options that allow you complete control over your phone system software.

Keep Your Options Open

You don’t have to know exactly which phone system is right for you when you choose to go with ShoreTel. Learn how you can keep your options open and find the solution that will meet your organization’s unique needs.

Quick Tour: ShoreTel Connect Hybrid

How can you possibly choose between the proven reliability of an on-site phone system and the convenience of a cloud system? A hybrid phone solution might be the answer. Watch this video to learn more.

Compare Your Choices

Choosing a communication system means comparing options on different levels. Take a moment to watch this video and learn how to make the right choices.

A Day In The Life of Shoretel Connect

Follow a day in the life of a ShoreTel Connect user. With mobility taking center stage in so many interactions, ShoreTel Connect offers a way for an organization to stay completely connected, no matter where they are.

ShoreTel Connect Quick overview

Learn about the Brilliantly Simple ShoreTel Connect phone system solution. Whether you're looking for a Cloud, Onsite or Hybrid solution, ShoreTel and the BCS Team have you covered.

The Advantages of ShoreTel for Healthcare Organizations

As a healthcare provider, your organization’s phone system can do more than connect you to patients. Learn how ShoreTel Connect can pay dividends for your organization’s clinical workflow, care coordination, and patient engagement.

Quick Tour: ShoreTel Connect Cloud

Christian Gilby, Product Marketing Manager for ShoreTel Mobility, discusses the ins and outs of what the ShoreTel Mobility Solution can do for your organization.